posterior branch of obturator nerve

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pos·te·ri·or branch of ob·tu·ra·tor nerve

branch supplying obturator externus muscle, then passing posterior to adductor brevis, supplying it and the adductor portion of the adductor magnus muscle.
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5-1cm apart on the anterior division around 1cm below the internal iliac artery gives its posterior branch (Figure 1).
The posterior branch supplies the skin over the mastoid process and lower external ear, while the anterior branch supplies the skin overlying the parotid gland and lower preauricular region.
Based on the findings of Abdel-Rahman and Hefzy, [sup][14] the ACL and PCL can be simulated using two branches: An anterior and a posterior branch.
However this proved to be ineffective (Figure 2), and so the posterior branch of the right hepatic artery was embolised, successfully controlling the haemobilia.
Members of this group, Etmopterus pusillus (Lowe, 1839) and Etmopterus bigelowi Shirai and Tachikawa, 1993, also possess a lateral line that ends in an open groove, suprapelvic flank markings lacking a posterior branch, and a relatively cylindrical body (Shirai & Tachikawa 1993).
The wing venation nomenclature used in this paper is based on the interpretation of Bethoux & Nel (2001, 2002): C, costa; ScA, anterior subcosta; ScP, posterior subcosta; RA, anterior radial; RP, posterior radial; MA, anterior media; MP, posterior media; CuA, anterior cubitus; CuPa[alpha], the anterior branch of first posterior cubitus; CuPa[beta], the posterior branch of first posterior cubitus; CuPb, the second posterior cubitus.
They are repeated for convenience: RA, anterior Radius; RP, posterior Radius; RP1, RP2, branches of RP resulting from the fork of the anterior branch of RP; RP3, RP4, branches of RP resulting from the fork of the posterior branch of RP; IR1, IR2, intercalary pseudo-veins between RP1 and RP2, and RP2 and RP3, respectively; MA, anterior Media; MP, posterior Media; CuA, anterior Cubitus; CuP, posterior Cubitus.
Height of right posterior branch of mandible at the posterior end of intramandibular window = 16.
Subdistal segments of posterior branch of ray 4 bearing thorn-like spines; two halves of posterior branch separated; 13-16 large unicuspid retrorse serrae on right half of ray 4, diminishing in size anteriorly; 9 or 10 serrae on left half of ray 4, smaller anteriorly and a few bicuspid (two-horned processes) proximally.
Upon traversing the quadrilateral space the nerve immediately forms an anterior and a posterior branch (9,10).
The occipital artery, the posterior branch of the middle meningeal artery, and the transmastoid branch of the occipital artery flowed in a retrograde fashion into ectatic cortical veins with drainage into Labbe's vein and then Trolard's vein (Figure 3).

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