Post-Partum Psychosis

A mental disorder that affects an estimated 1–2 women/1,000 births, which appears within a day to weeks after birth, and is characterised by major mental decompensation, often accompanied by other psychiatric conditions, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia
Example Andrea Yates, the mother from Texas who drowned her five children
Management Antipsychotics, hospitalisation
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She died after falling from Whitby Cliffs after giving birth and was thought to be suffering from post-partum psychosis.
They will give the money to Action on Post-Partum Psychosis, the charity campaigning for more research into the condition.
At one end there is post-partum psychosis, where women can become ill very quickly, and who clearly have biological factors that are dominant in their causes.
It isn't just about asking a few questions to pick up women who are depressed--there are women who develop post-partum psychosis, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders and much more.
I was on the verge of post-partum psychosis and was very ill indeed.
her arms (the baby survived) got an unsettling treatment from the New York Times, which has the definitive story on Cynthia Wachenheim's suicide and the post-partum psychosis that appears to be behind it.
Loads of midwives actually don't even know what post-partum psychosis is.
In one of her ante-natal classes she had seen one leaflet which talked about post-natal depression and three lines about post-partum psychosis.
The 37-year-old singing teacher was diagnosed as suffering from post-partum psychosis, the severest form of postnatal depression, in 1995.
A psychiatrist told the court that she had been stricken by a mental illness, known as post-partum psychosis, triggered by the sudden drop in hormone levels following childbirth.
Tracy was diagnosed with postnatal depression - but was actually suffering post-partum psychosis, experienced by one in 1,000 new mothers in the UK every year.
Dr Giles Berrisford told jurors at her trial that Abdulrahman was suffering from a mental illness known as post-partum psychosis, triggered by the sudden drop in hormone levels following childbirth.
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