diagnostic test

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diagnostic test

A generic term for any test used to determine the nature or severity of a particular condition—e.g., imaging, laboratory tests, etc.


pertaining to or emanating from the making of a diagnosis.

diagnostic codes
alphanumeric codes used to identify diagnoses for the purposes of computer storage. The codes can be entirely alphabetical, and therefore much more user-friendly, but the number of diagnoses that the system can hold is limited. Completely numeric code systems offer limitless volumetric capacity, a disadvantage in a working hospital.
diagnostic data
data with finite values as opposed to continuous data, e.g. the number of puppies born per litter.
diagnostic disciplines
the disciplines applied to the making of diagnoses. Includes clinical medicine, surgery and reproduction and also epidemiology, pathology, microbiology, parasitology and toxicology.
diagnostic hypotheses
preliminary list of potential diagnoses.
diagnostic kits
commercially available tests used in the diagnosis of disease. Most are intended for biochemical estimation or the qualitative detection of antigen or antibody. Many are based on an ELISA.
diagnostic laboratory, veterinary diagnostic laboratory
present in most countries to provide veterinary laboratory diagnostic services, particularly with respect to regulatory diseases but, in almost all cases, also for laboratory diagnostic support for any animal disease. Most are supported, in part, by state or national funding but most also need to charge a fee for diagnostic services. In the US, accreditation is through the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD). Regional veterinary diagnostic laboratories are established to serve the needs of farms in their proximity
diagnostic plan
in problem-oriented diagnosis, the systematic outline of procedures and tests to be undertaken in making a diagnosis.
diagnostic points
in acupuncture terminology include association points (back Shu points and alarm points, front Mu points).
diagnostic test
tests likely to provide information which aids in the making of a diagnosis.
diagnostic trail
a standard procedure for making a clinical and laboratory examination so that nothing is omitted and so that the procedure can be checked or repeated.
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Although current thinking is that the positive tests are accidental, the news that one of the Queen's horses has tested positive for a substance prohibited on race days, albeit one not performance-enhancing, is a story likely to go around the globe.
If only one in 1,000 tested individuals has HIV, then only one out of every six positive tests is a true positive, even if the HIV test is as good as is claimed.
Remember, Willie Johnston's positive test for the minor stimulant Reactivan in Argentina in 1978 was the first in the World Cup history.
The independent tribunal had accepted Rusedski's claims that he was not accountable for his positive test for the anabolic steroid at a tournament in Indianapolis last July.
The FA's move is hardly unexpected - the news of the Bosnich's first positive test for cocaine leaked out on November 10 and analysis of a B sample last week confirmed the finding.
My positive test was caused by my inadvertent consumption of food that I did not realize had been baked with marijuana, before I left for the Olympic Games," Fox news quoted Delpopolo, as saying in a statement released by the US Olympic Committee (USOC)
Nine arrests were the result of a positive test following a crash.
OLYMPIC 1,500m gold medal winner Rashid Ramzi's positive test for the new blood-boosting drug CERA has been confirmed by analysis of the 'B' sample.
Landis, whose father-in-law committed suicide after news of his positive test became public, claimed that his positive test was the result of inconsistencies by the French l aboratory.
The 19-year-old has been banned by the FA for six months - backdated to April - after the positive test in February, although he continues to insist he did not knowingly take any banned substance.
But Edwards was banned from the Olympics this week as a result of her own positive test earlier this year.
But many sources, including world anti-doping agency WADA, believe it is still to be proved that the ATP supplements concerned were the reason for Rusedski's positive test and those of seven other tour players last year.

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