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n the legal right of possession.
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Clearly riled, the alleged attacker, going under the online name Tony Montana, after the famous cinema crime lord, released the two minute tirade, in which he claimed he and his group had broken into Amir's car and turned on the stereo before beating him up and stealing his posessions, although he said he had returned the passport and a pair of air tickets.
The Duke of Sutherland's factor, Patrick Sellar, and his men carried out some of the most violent evictions, destroying homes and posessions to get his tenants out.
It was obvious he wasn't a mugger because I didn't have my handbag or any posessions on me.
Radiohead provided a perfectly tense soundtrack to her dark obsession, which eventually leads her family to lose their home and posessions.
Another of the club's posessions is Anubis, the mumified cat who was found several years ago at one of the earlier sites.
Mrs Beavan placed a "personal ad" for Henry on an internet newsgroup called freecycle, which helps people find new homes for old posessions.
Canyon (10-1) scored on its first three posessions to take control.