Portion Distortion

An upward shift in the size and calorie count of a serving of a particular food served to the general public, especially in fast-food restaurants
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One way to combat portion distortion is by downsizing the plates and bowls we use.
The British Heart Foundation's Portion Distortion report compared the portion sizes of 245 products sold now with the portion sizes listed in a 1993 government publication showing "typical weights and portions sizes of foods eaten in Britain".
Chase stated that one of the largest contributors to obesity in the US is the supersizing of portions, otherwise known as portion distortion.
To beat portion distortion go for a small filter coffee or a skinny latte.
In the final session we deal with any outstanding issues such as portion distortion or having a sweet tooth.
17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Even for the wellness-minded woman,calorie counting, portion distortion and intense cravings can hinder the impact of an exercise regimen.
2 Avoid portion distortion To get a sense of how much a healthy portion looks like, check food labels to see what a recommended serving is and then weigh it out.
Table 1 Portion Distortion Portion Distortion 20 Years Ago Difference Today Coffee w/whole 305 calories Mocha w/steamed milk milk and sugar and syrup 8-oz serving size 16-oz serving size 45 calories 350 calories Muffin 290 calories Muffin 1.
Portion Distortion, T7 Then Now Food (calories) (calories) Hamburger 330 590 Bucket of Popcorn 270 630 Turkey Sandwich 320 820 Cola 85 250 French Fries 210 610
With whole fruit, a serving is a medium-sized apple, banana, orange, or pear--keep in mind most of what we see in grocery stores is portion distortion.
Ultimately, portion distortion encourages people to eat and drink more.
Children can be affected by portion distortion as early as age 5, according to research.