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Secure Surfing by Default with Firewall and Port Forwarding
iChipSec can act as a router among LAN, WiFi and modem platforms, as it includes a NAT (Network Address Translation) and port forwarding functionality.
Furthermore, with Samsung's Quick Connect technology, the new HDTV CCTV systems will automatically configure the user's router and manage all required port forwarding so that all remote requests to access live feeds are directed to the appropriate connected camera on the network.
Advanced features include TCP/UDP, DHCP support, NAT, port forwarding, GRE protocol tunneling and access control lists.
Cloud Station keeps files in sync between local and remote assets, without port forwarding
Using IPv6, a gamer behind a NAT can start his or her own server without going through the process of configuring port forwarding on the NAT device.
Quick Connect allows sending direct download links to users without the need for port forwarding
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