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Edoardo, Italian obstetrician, 1842-1902. See: Porro hysterectomy.
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Most of the binoculars I'm familiar with are roof-prism designs, not the porro prism found on the Yosemites.
The additions of venues like Wahaca, Porro, Five Guys and Barburrito have radically improved the city's food scene, not forgetting the likes of Burger and Lobster and Street Food Circus.
The new LandScout Porro Prism binocular series from Celestron offer durability, quality lenses and a host of other features.
Adding the "what next" to the ongoing discussion of transformation in JPME, Christopher Lamb and Brittany Porro suggest how to complete the transformation effort at NDU and provide a range of options for all PME institutions to consider.
Josh Castillo 3 2 10, Jordan Rezendes 13 6 36, John Genkos 0, Wale Abraham 4 0 8, Jake Laga 1 2 4, Cody Borges 1 0 3, Jamal Mustapha 1 0 2, Eddy Porro 0, Aaron Anniballi 0 2 2, Jon Robinson 2 0 4, Conor Kindregan 0, Alex Rodrigues 6 6 18, Keanu Baltazar 0.
Alessandro Porro, vice president, International Sales at
Alessandro Porro, vice president of International Sales at Ipswitch said: "We are aggressively looking at expanding our presence in Middle East, and Emt with their deep understanding of the market, wide channel base, and technical capabilities will go a long way to promote our award winning solutions in the region.
Leica's phase-corrected Perger Porro prism design merges the benefits of roof and Porro designs, delivering a streamlined form factor without sacrificing depth of field or color fidelity.
Starting with a short set by local poet Ann Porro, the night will see singer-songwriter Beccy perform songs from her new album Imago, her first in five years, which was made with the help of online "crowd funding" and released last month.
Assembled in the USA with extreme attention to quality and detail, Echelon is truly the pinnacle of large-aperture porro binocular design.
Favored for their compact nature and high-performance Porro prism optical system, the Leupold BX-1 Rouge Series ($124.
Academic Laura Porro is studying the fossil and hopes to use the scan to learn more about its diet and how it used its jaws for feeding.