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Plural of porus.


(pō′rŭs) plural.pori [L.]
A meatus or foramen; a tiny aperture in a structure; a pore.

porus acusticus externus

The outer opening of the external acoustic meatus.

porus acusticus, internal

The opening of the internal acoustic meatus into the cranial cavity.

porus gustatorius

The small taste pore openings in the taste buds of the tongue.

porus lactiferus

The opening of a lactiferous duct on the tip of the nipple of the mammary gland.

porus opticus

The opening in the center of the optic disk through which retinal vessels (central artery and vein) reach the retina through the lamina cribrosa of the sclera.

porus sudoriferus

The opening of a sweat gland.
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The joint venture will combine Rockwood's TiO2 pigments and functional additives business, including its production facilities in Duisburg, Germany, and Kemira's TiO2 business, including Kemira's TiO2 plant in Pori, Finland.
PORI, Finland -- Finnish over-clockers make world GPU history
Metso has made an agreement to sell real estate in Pori, Finland to the city of Pori and Hollming Oy for approximately EUR 12 million.
Construction of the spar components and topsides commenced during 2001 in Pori, Finland and Morgan City, La.
location Pori, Finland, directs currently Metso Paper's Chemical Pulping business line.
BP and Occidental sanctioned the project in October 2000, and construction of the spar components and topsides began immediately in Pori, Finland, and Ingleside, Texas.
Rauno Liikamaa, manager - superconductors, Outokumpu, added, "The addition of Intermagnetics' LTS materials operation is a solid strategic fit for Outokumpu's superconductors business in Pori, Finland.
following a 3-week journey from its construction site in Pori, Finland.
A second hull section is currently being completed by Aker Mantyluoto and is scheduled to depart Pori, Finland, for Texas in May.
Aker Rauma Offshore in Pori, Finland, will provide the hull and anchor system as a subcontract to SII.
BP (NYSE:BP) announced today that the hard tank for the BP-operated Holstein spar had arrived Ingleside, Texas, following a 22-day journey from its construction site in Pori, Finland.
is fabricating topside facilities and will perform the offshore installation, and Aker Rauma Offshore, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aker Oil and Gas Technology A/S, is managing the fabrication of the hull at a yard in Pori, Finland.