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Referring to a radiologic or pathologic finding that simulates solitary kernels of ‘popped corn’
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In addition, one serving of popcorn would provide 13 percent of an average intake of polyphenols a day per person in the U.
Native North and South American Indians grew popcorn for thousands of years before the arrival of European explorers in the late 1400s.
Another truth, said Popcorn, is, "If you're marketing to one of her lives, you're missing all the others.
He said it was his aim to make Golden Popcorn a household name, and he has spread his wings from cinemas to video shops: "Popcorn is associated with cinema and, off the back of that, videos".
Pour over 1 recipe's worth of hot basic popcorn in a 12- by 16-inch roasting pan and mix well.
Popcorn needs 13% to 14% moisture per kernel in order to pop.
com), popcorn and specialty treats from The Popcorn Factory (1-800-541-2676 or www.
Catherine Furze, who runs the Consett Popcorn Company alongside husband Richard, says: "The Psycho Juice team are famous for selling extremely strongly spiced snacks and sauces, and our challenge was to create popcorn mild enough to be edible but hot enough to appeal to their die-hard customers.
The new Love Popcorn flavours include Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, Fiery Salsa--made with real tomato, chilli and cumin--Cocoa Crisp, Salty Sweet and Sweet Vanilla.
CARAMEL POPCORN INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup brown sugar, firmly packed 12 cups of popped popcorn METHOD: Cream the butter; add the brown sugar and whip until fluffy.
Pursuant to the Agreement, the Master Franchisee must open at least twenty Cornery - the popcorn gallery stores in the Development Territory over a ten-year period, with twelve required to open within the first three years.
For instance, Popcorn Time's European fork Time4Popcorn counted around four million users around the world.