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A regionally popular term for a physician or researcher who is regarded by his peers as the ultimate expert—the ‘pope’—on a particular subject


Academia A popular term for a physician or researcher regarded by his peers as the ultimate expert–the 'pope' in a particular subject. See Name.

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Q. Dear Doctors,I had cyst in my left ovary and poped it off,after that I have a small pain every day. in HSG everything was OK.my Pop smir is ok and in histroscopy every thing was ok. would you please ask me why I have this pain?

A. as Ann already mentioned - this is a good place to get good advises, not diagnosis... my advise to you is to ask the gyno how long there should be pain after the surgery. i'm sure it take couple of days minimum but i would ask him about it. if there's something wrong he'll know what to do.
sorry i can't help more...

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Articulating the need for a new framework for welfare research, Williams, Popay and Oakley (1999), argue that an emphasis upon users of welfare as creative, reflexive human beings, that is, as active agents in shaping their lives, could provide an important way forward.
Mr Popay said: "Datatron is continuing to seek new opportunities to develop and we have many new ideas that we are currently developing and testing that will provide added value to all our clients.
EXHIBIT: Tony Matelli's unusual work provoked plenty debate; LIFE OF A GALLERY: Snaps of goings on at the gallery and, right, Philipa Popay who designed the winning poster PICTURE: LEANNE HOLCROFT www.
Mr Popay has let the birds roost in a tree in his garden.
7) Popay J, Attree P, Hornby D, Milton B, Whitehead M, French B, Kowarzik U, Simpson N, Povall S.
David Popay established Datatron in 1996 and since then his business has gone from strength to strength, having scanned more than 200 million documents for clients across the UK.
Mr Popay said: "We have remained at the forefront of our industry through constant innovation and investment in scanning technology.
Ring Graeme Popay, (0191) 386-4192 for information.