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Fruit of Punica granatum (family Punicaceae), a reddish yellow fruit the size of a large orange, containing many seeds enclosed in a reddish acidic pulp; used in diarrhea for its astringent properties; the bark of the tree and of the root contains pelletierine and other alkaloids and has been used as a teniacide.
Synonym(s): granatum
[L. pomum, apple, + granatus, many seeded, fr. granum, grain or seed]


An essence which, in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy, is said to enhance feminine warmth, creativity and a sense of nurturing.


n Latin name:
Punica granatum; parts used: bark, fruit, peel, roots, stem; uses: antibacterial, anthelmintic, abortifacient, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, sore throat, antimicrobial, diabetes; precautions: abortifacient, pregnancy, lactation, children, liver disease, asthma, carcinogenic, overdose can be fatal. Also called
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Pomegranates thrive well when grown in regions where the temperature is mild with little humidity.
The wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Suleimaniya city is selling a lot of Halabja-harvested and other locally grown pomegranates these days.
POM WONDERFUL, A GROWER OF POMEGRANATES AND PRODUCER OF 100% POMEGRANATE JUICE, has added Pomegranate Kiwi and Pomegranate Nectarine to its juice line.
City of Hope Division of Tumor Cell Biology director Shiuan Chen, PhD and his associates found that ten ellagitannins occurring in pomegranates had the potential to prevent estrogen-responsive breast cancer, with a metabolite of ellagic acid called urolithin B significantly inhibiting the growth of cultured breast cancer cells.
Pomegreat chief executive Adam Pritchard said he wanted to get into the fresh fruit market and that pomegranates from Afghanistan would be among the first crops to be shipped into the UK.
The country once famous for its pomegranates, before years of war cut trade routes and forced the loss of traditional markets, is slowly regaining its position with the help of international aid forces who are working to restore old trade routes that were once broken.
Pomegranates are a favorite fruit among the Kurds and many buy by the kilo several times a week.
The centerpiece of the table was a huge bowl filled with pomegranates and dotted with a few grapes and dates--three of the holy fruits in the land of Canaan, as mentioned in the Book of Deuteronomy.
I didn't grow up with pomegranates and still think of them as rather exotic, but in fact the reverse is true: there are few plants more deeply integrated into human culture.
Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants that are proven to help keep LDL cholesterol from oxidizing.
27 (ANI): Farmers in Punjab have taken to growing fruit crops like pomegranates instead of conventional crops like wheat and cotton.
If you're having trouble finding whole pomegranates, use a 150g pack of prepared fresh pomegranate seeds.