polyvinyl alcohol

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polyvinyl alcohol

A water-soluble synthetic resin used in preparing medicines, esp. ophthalmic solutions.
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wetting solution 

A solution that (1) transforms a hydrophobic surface into a hydrophilic one; (2) acts as a lubricant; (3) helps to clean the surface; (4) helps to prevent contamination of the lens while being inserted. It is spread on both surfaces of a rigid contact lens prior to insertion. However, the effect of a wetting solution only lasts a short time because it is quickly removed by the tear layer. A common wetting agent is polyvinyl alcohol, which also has viscosity building properties. See enzyme; artificial tears.

polyvinyl alcohol,

n a complex alcohol that is soluble in water and is used as an emulsifier and adhe-sive.
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a modified polyvinyl alcohol containing an ethylene unit in a proportion of 3 to 20 mol %.