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Celanese today opens the world's largest polyoxymethylene (POM) manufacturing plant in Frankfurt, Germany's Hoechst Industrial Park.
According to the contract, Zamil Structural Steel Company will fabricate and supply over 4,500 metric tons of pipe racks, equipment-support structures and other steel products for the polyoxymethylene plant project owned by the National Methanol Company (Ibn Sina), a manufacturing affiliate of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) in Jubail Industrial City.
Lipke, "Improved Mechanical Properties and Product Performance for Impact Modified Polyoxymethylene Co-Polymers", Society of Plastics Engineers, Proceedings, ANTEC[R] 2010
com Lipolight OAP/C INCI name: polyamide-12 triazaminostil-benedisulfonate (and) polyoxymethylene urea Use levels: 3-10% Applications: pressed and loose powders, foundations, eye creams Comments: Ideal for pastel-colored and translucent color cosmetics.
Besides the analysis on both domestic and overseas markets of engineering plastics, the report also probes into the market segments and enterprise competitions of the Top 5 general engineering plastics (polycarbonate, polyamide engineering plastics, polyoxymethylene, polybutylece terephthalate, and polyphenylene oxide) and such special engineering plastics as polyphenylene sulfide and polyimide.
Semicrystalline polymers are known to exhibit cavitation damage when stretched above their glass transition temperature [1, 2], Such a phenomenon has been largely reported until recently for instance in polyethylene (PE) [3-5], polyoxymethylene (POM) [6, 7], polyamide 11 (PA 11) [8], polypropylene (PP) [9, 10] or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) [11-13],
THE National Methanol Company (Ibn Sina), a manufacturing affiliate of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic), has awarded the engineering, procurement and construction contract for its polyoxymethylene (POM) project to an international company, which was not named, bringing the company closer to producing high-strength, low-friction engineering plastic in support of Saudi Arabia's vision to expand and diversify its manufacturing sector and create employment opportunities in downstream industries.
Sabic has announced plans for a polyacetal (also known as polyoxymethylene or POM) facility at its affiliate Ibn Sina (National Methanol Co) in Jubail.
Moreover, the company's experts also reportedly submitted nearly a dozen technical papers on topics ranging from flexible polyoxymethylene (POM) to new aesthetic grades of POM and liquid crystal polymer (LCP), and high-temperature materials like LCP, polyphenylene sulfide, and polycyclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate (PCT) for LED reflectors and consumer electronics.
In approximate order of decreasing consumption, products generated from formaldehyde include urea formaldehyde resin, melamine resin, phenol formaldehyde resin, polyoxymethylene plastics etc.
The study covers acrylontirle butadiene styrene ( ABS ), polycarbonate ( PC ), polymethyl methacrylate ( PMMA ), polybutylene terephthalate ( PBT ), polyamides and polyoxymethylene ( POM ).