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Polyhydroxy alcohol; a sugar that contains many -OH (-ol) groups, such as the sugar alcohols and inositols.
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This means that the currently used Lupranol grades can be exchanged immediately, there is no need for elaborate tests or renewed approvals of the PU systems which are based on these improved polyol grades.
The polyol facility will make and distribute polyol, the raw material for high-quality urethane used in the automobile, electronics and electrical appliances and construction sectors, and a PU system with annual capacity to produce polyol of 130,000 tonnes and a PU system of 20,000 tonnes.
A commercial polyether polyol (BASF Pluracol GP730, Florham Park, New Jersey) was used together with recycled polyol for adhesive preparation.
Add back LBA to the polyol blend that evaporates during mixing.
The plant, which is expected to cost 15 million euros and have a capacity of 5,000 metric tons of polyol, is expected to be operational in the spring of 2016.
Key drivers of the polyether polyol market include increasing demand among end-user applications, ideal ingredient for coating applications, and growing demand of these chemicals observed across Asian countries.
Earlier this year, Huntsman installed a new 22 MMBTU furnace at the site to accommodate the addition of up to three polyol reactors.
This report on green & bio polyol includes two different types of polyols - polyester polyols and polyether polyols.
Reportedly reduces viscosity of the polyol mix, offers solvent properties to help disperse polyol-mix components, and provides good latitude in adjusting cream and rise times.
The material that had been used in this research is polyol and isocyanate from palm oil based that purchased from Maskimi Polyol Sdn.