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Polyhydroxy alcohol; a sugar that contains many -OH (-ol) groups, such as the sugar alcohols and inositols.
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Earlier this year, Huntsman installed a new 22 MMBTU furnace at the site to accommodate the addition of up to three polyol reactors.
After cutting the polyurethane foam blocks, H&S equipment converts the scrap into recovered polyol.
Novomer's PPC polyol reportedly has a unique polycarbonate backbone that increases the strength and durability of polyurethane products.
studied the effect of acrylic polyol composition on fouling-release properties of siloxane-polyurethane coatings, and an acrylic polyol having 80% butyl acrylate and 20% hydroxy ethyl acrylate showed the best fouling-release properties.
A polyol is a low-calorie sweetener such as xylitol, sorbitol or mannitol, which is not broken down by the bacteria in the mouth and therefore does not contribute to tooth decay.
n]) of 1000, 2000, 3000, and 5000 g/mol was supported by TPI Polyol Co.
The researchers prepared film solutions by mixing a polyol and potato starch into water which they heated to gelatinize starch.
While SDSP handles the production and distribution of soybean oil to USSC and its customers, USSC focuses on marketing, sales and research, and owns the technology and patent for SoyOyl[R], a biobased polyol made from soybean oil.
Erythritol is the first polyol to be industrially manufactured by a fermentation process; it offers improved processing, texture and shelf life and has a pleasant cool taste.
The Techniset NF chemical binder system, developed for use in cores and molds for aluminum castings, consists of a modified polyol and a polyisocyanate.
Use of polyol esters as lubricants could eliminate the need to scrap existing refrigeration equipment to comply with chlorofluorocarbon ban.