macromolecular chemistry

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mac·ro·mo·lec·u·lar chem·is·try

the chemistry of natural macromolecules (for example, proteins, nucleic acids) and of polymers (for example, nylon, polyethylene).
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We have a growing portfolio of customers, so continued investment to increase production capability at Los Reyes is critical to ensure we continue to meet demand while positioning ourselves for sustainable growth," said Johan Landfors, Executive Committee member responsible for Polymer Chemistry.
Polymer science and engineering involves the tracks like Polymer Nanotechnology, Industrial applications, Polymer Chemistry, Biodegradable Polymers, Composite Polymer, Advanced polymer Structures, Modeling/Simulations of Polymers, Role of Polymers in biology and biological systems, Polymer Physics, Applications of Polymer materials
And, the addition of polymer chemistry and delivery systems to Floteks stable of oilfield chemistry allows us to further accelerate our Prescriptive Chemistry Management efforts, focused on providing total chemistry solutions for our clients wells.
Fink offers a review of polymer chemistry in contexts in and around water.
New institutions will be established on the basis of the Institute of Oriental Studies and the Institute of Polymer Chemistry and Physics.
An approach involving polymer chemistry, computational physics and soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy identified the optimal polyfluorene polymer binder, which, when combined with silicon, achieves a specific capacity of 1,400 mAh/g, far higher than graphite-based anodes.
Summary: BWA Water Additives' Dr Colin Hogan will present a technical paper entitled, 'Improved Scale Control, Hydrothermal and Environmental Properties with New Maleic Polymer Chemistry Suitable for Downhole and Topside Applications,' at the Chemistry in the Oil Industry XIII Conference to be held in Manchester from November 4 -- 6, 2013.
A short introduction on polymer chemistry is given to highlight the polymer characteristics and properties.
E-WorkBook is being used by Total Petrochemicals at its R&D Center in Feluy, Belgium, to manage the diverse and complex data and intellectual property generated in polymer chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry in order to accelerate its R&D processes and to improve research efficiency.
Advances in polymer chemistry and methods reported in recent U.
Designed for chemists working on resin synthesis, production, or testing, as well as sales and marketing personnel, the course explores basic polymer chemistry.
Hons) degree in colour and polymer chemistry from the University of Leeds, where he was awarded the "SDC Centenary prize" on the basis of his examination results.