polycystic liver disease

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pol·y·cys·tic liv·'er

gradual cystic dilation of intralobular bile ducts (Meyenburg complexes) that fail to involute in embryologic development of the liver; frequently associated with bilateral congenital polycystic kidneys and occasionally with cystic involvement of the pancreas, lungs, and other organs.

polycystic liver disease

A condition characterized by multiple variably-sized cysts lined by cuboidal epithelium; liver disease is often obscured by accompanying adult polycystic kidney disease; 40% of affected livers also have von Meyenburg's complexes
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Isolated polycystic liver disease, which is far less common than ADPKD, is characterized by numerous hepatic cysts and an absence of renal cysts.
5] Indeed, polycystic liver disease is often present with ADPKD and could mask mild or moderate Caroli's disease.
26) Factors predicting failure include previous surgical treatment, deep-seated cysts, incomplete deroofing technique, location in the right posterior segments of the liver, and a diffuse form of polycystic liver disease with small cysts.
There are three other studies on laparoscopic palliation of polycystic liver disease.
director of The Apatone Development Center at Summa Health System, explained: "Cell proliferation and cell cycle deregulation are considered to be the major contributors to polycystic kidney disease and polycystic liver disease.

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