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An extramarital relationship which is more driven by a desire to develop emotionally involved relationships with extramarital partners, than by physical gratification, the latter of which is commonly termed swinging
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Since religious adherence is declining, it seems likely that tolerance of polyamory will continue to grow.
This particular Web site, hosted by the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association, represents a valuable public resource for both primary and secondary sources, as it uses Google Docs to host affidavits, written submissions, transcripts, and viva voce evidence, compiled and maintained during the trial with the assistance of the office of the Attorney General of British Columbia.
For an extensive discussion of the contours of polyamory, see Strassberg, Crime of Polygamy, supra note 11, at 412-17.
disgust--the very idea of polyamory, not so much because mainstream
The major inspiration," said Al, "was I was divorced and was fed up with loneliness, so I set out to explore polyamory, thinking maybe I just wasn't cut out to be monogamous.
As indicated, there is less academic literature on polyamory than swinging.
excess of polyamory, what surplus of polyagony has it not fed?
If playing in dirt is a boy's "natural" behavior before he is educated to do otherwise, and if moral taboos against homosexual practices, pedophilia, incest, polyamory, or other sexual behaviors considered deviant have to be learned, then the modernist asks, "Why should we prefer the 'normal' behavior?
They'd much rather discuss controversial subjects like polyamory or pot legalization than prophets.
Described by Dennis as a "melting pot of sexuality," CatalystCon West will bring together hundreds of sex educators, sex workers, health advocates, writers, activists and more to attend 40 sessions and workshops on sexuality-based topics like "toxic toys", polyamory, sex work, homophobia in communities of color and feminist porn.
By this I mean polygamy, or polyamory, which is when one person marries two others of the opposite sex, e.
According to Brake a wide variety of such associations are compatible with these: friendships, urban tribes, care networks, polyamory, and, under certain circumstances, polygyny and polygamy.