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An extramarital relationship which is more driven by a desire to develop emotionally involved relationships with extramarital partners, than by physical gratification, the latter of which is commonly termed swinging
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The intentional, almost cerebral aspect of some poly relationships may seem odd to outsiders, but Brown says one advantage is, "It takes polyamory out of a sexual framework.
I also wondered how many people today practice polyamory, and it turns out that no one knows.
The culture of monogamy and the culture of polyamory differ profoundly in their assumptions of the way society functions.
Polyamory is about being involved with a tight circle of individuals with no one person having a sexual relationship outside that group commitment.
Cathy Young seemed to imply, in "Opening Marriage" (March), that polygamy, one person having multiple spouses, is the same as polyamory.
Polyamory is alive and well and living in Huddersfield.
From the pages of Time magazine to the rules of the new "Fallout" game, polyamory seems suddenly to be everywhere--and very present in the public consciousness.
The author, who has practiced polyamory and has a doctorate in sociology, examines how and why queer, lesbian, and bisexual polyamorous women manage jealousy in their relationships, focusing on the concept of ocompersion,o or taking pleasure in a lover's romantic and sexual encounters outside of the relationship.
It could mean strip shows, casual flirting, sexting, kissing, threesomes or polyamory.
They'd much rather discuss controversial subjects like polyamory or pot legalization than prophets.
This useful paperback has just arrived as part of the expanding literature on open relationships (aka Polyamory or other forms of ethical non-monogamy).
Polyamory presents a series of challenges radically different from the dominant relationship mode of serial monogamy.