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An extramarital relationship which is more driven by a desire to develop emotionally involved relationships with extramarital partners, than by physical gratification, the latter of which is commonly termed swinging
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Robinson is successful in showing a truly polyamorous relationship that withstands the pressures of the time and remains interesting today.
William Moulton Marston and his wife, Elizabeth Marston, and their polyamorous relationship with Olive Bryne.
Langer reveals for the first time the details of the extraordinary open marriage shared by Brooks, Barney, and de Gramont--some forty years of polyamorous intimacy in a form they invented privately and let evolve organically.
The tree, he writes, 'lived a polyamorous life' (as Spencer himself hoped to at the time of writing), casting its shade over neighbouring gardens, some of them unknown, as well as the Spencer's family garden.
In recent years, queer theorists have taken interest in the fluid eroticism of The Blithedale Romance: scholars such as Kent Bales, Benjamin Scott Grossberg and David Greven have argued that the novel represents Hawthorne's own polyamorous fantasies, his critique of traditional gender roles, or both.
When an ex of mine and I were having multiple discussions (that inevitably led to arguments) a week about inviting thirds into our beds, I had to ask myself: Am I polyamorous or just slutty?
2) I offer queer readings of picture books that attend to perverse realities including polyamorous and multi-partnered family structures, and I take up the debates about the oft-invisibilized repro-narratives that underscore much of children's literature.
So when a friend of mine said she was receiving more love than she ever had in her life through a polyamorous relationship, and that she had finally found a container to explore love in ways that was expanding her comprehension and capacity of love--what can I say, my interest was piqued.
We no longer believe it is the right of those who hate and fear gay, lesbian, bi, trans or polyamorous persons to use us as targets for their rage.
Each new person is born facing a long list of possible sexualities: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, flexural, asexual, genderf--k, polyamorous, bondage/disciple, dominance/submission, etc.
Currie believes many men want a woman who they perceive as a prudish and monogamy-oriented 'good girl' type as their long-term girlfriend or wife, but they want another woman who is kinkier and more promiscuous and/or polyamorous as their mistress or 'on-the-side lover.