Jenö (Eugene), Hungarian surgeon, 1876-1944. See: Pólya gastrectomy, Pólya operation, Reichel-Pólya stomach procedure.


1. Abbreviation for poly(adenylic acid).
2. Iridoid indole alkaloid isolated from Vinca sp.; may have pharmacologic applications; falling in this class are vinblastine and vincristine.
3. Excretion of d-glycerate in the urine; found in renal calculi.
4. An inborn error in metabolism resulting in d-glyceric aciduria (1).
5. A class of basic antibiotic peptides found in neutrophils that apparently kill bacteria by causing membrane damage.
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He said that in his book Body Count Gideon Polya had revealed that there had been 1.
From Polya urns (26) to QWERTY keyboards, (27) she draws liberally and frequently on various models, examples, and analogies.
In contrast, most contemporary theorists operate with demonstrative reasoning, and with the contrast sketched beautifully and crisply by George Polya (1954).
The knock-in vector was constructed using 5' and 3' homologous arms from [beta]-casein genomic DNA with human FGF2 or EGFP, polyA signal, positive and negative selection marker.
Opornye razrezy eifel'skikh-nizhnefranskikh otlozhenij vostoka Glavnogo devonskogo polya [KeySections of the Eifelian-Lower Frasnian Deposits of the Eastern Part of the Main Devonian Field.
Another strategy is to add a polyA tag to the RNA and use an oligo-dT primer for RT and specific forward and universal reverse primers for PCR (like Qiagen).
Dr Mujahid Kamran said that an Australian Jewish scientist Gideon Polya has found in his research that there had been 1.
Brenti, Unimodal, log-concave, and Polya frequency sequences in combinatorics, Mem.
George Polya (1887-1985), often called the father of problem-solving in mathematics education, articulated a four step process for solving problems (see Figure 2).
The Topic: Born into a Jewish family in 1972 Leningrad, Igor Shteyngart began his writing career at the age of five when his beloved Grandma Polya gave him cheese sandwiches in exchange for installments of a story about a statue of Lenin that comes to life and attacks Finland with the help of a giant talking goose.
Polya, Inequalities, 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1959.
For example, to clarify the role of his four principles in tackling a new problem, Polya explores the following non-mathematical question: what single English word can be formed by rearranging all the letters in "dry ox tail in rear"?