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physician office laboratory

A diagnostic lab in a physician’s office with an abbreviated menu of tests that can be performed while the patient is in the office, so the physician can better manage the patient.

HIV-1 gene

Any of the genes present in the human immunodeficiency virus. See AIDS.
HIV genes
art/trs gene rev gene, see there.
env gene Encodes viral coat proteins gp 120 and gp 41, which mediate CD4 binding and membrane fusion, controlled by tat and rev
gag gene Encodes nucleocapsid core proteins including p24
nef gene 3´ orf, B gene, ORF-2 gene Encodes a protein of unknown function found in infected Pts that may down-regulate viral expression–nef deletion results in a five-fold increase in viral DNA synthesis and replication
pol gene Encodes reverse transcriptase, protease, integrase and ribonuclease
R gene Encodes TAR–transcription activating response element, which has a nonspecific immunodeficiency effect
rev gene art/trs gene Encodes a 19 kD post-transcriptional protein regulator required for HIV replication, up-regulating HIV synthesis by transactivating anti-repression, ↑ levels of envelope RNA by regulating the env gene; inactivation of rev prevents viral replication–as measured by the successful production of the p24 glycoprotein by infected monocytes can be massively ↑ by adding cytokines to culture medium
tat gene Encodes a potent 14 kD transcription activator that amplifies HIV replication, the inactivation prevents viral replication
vif gene Facilitates infectivity of free HIV
vpr gene Encodes a weak transcription activator
vpu gene Unique to HIV-1, encodes a 16 kD product which, when mutated, has a 5-10-fold Ø in replicative capacity and is critical for efficient budding of virions NEJM 1991; 324:308rv
†Gene encoding regulatory protein
‡Gene encoding structural protein


Abbreviation for physician office laboratory.


A viral gene which, in retroviruses, acts in conjunction with the gag gene to direct the formation of gag-pol messenger RNAs.
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POL is significantly less costly than copper-based LANs.
A typical POL zone configuration is composed of an MDF (main distribution frame) that runs fiber to a zone distribution enclosure that is typically mounted in the ceiling.
Until recently, few laboratorians associated JCAHO with POLs.
Then again, you may have directly invited a surveyor to your POL by independently signing up for JCAHO's laboratory accreditation.
If tests performed in a POL are limited to a few simple tests that are listed as waived procedures, the laboratory standards of CLIA do not have to be met and the laboratory need only obtain a "Certificate of Waiver" to show that the POL is exempt from CLIA.
In the 1991 survey, we discovered a high prevalence of quality practices and concluded that the majority of Minnesota POLs were prepared for CLIA '88.
Data from last year's survey and earlier surveys showed there are 1,491 single-physician POLs and 370 two- or three-physician unregulated POLs in Maryland.
Simple, yet fully featured, no other POL has such specifications; design time is minimal, typically less than 5 minutes
The POL market encompasses a variety of institutions beyond physician practices, including specialty and multispecialty clinics; other primary care and urgent care clinics; and outpatient clinics not located or associated with a hospital (or hospital lab) or outpatient surgical services.
A truly global report, the 3rd edition this report discusses the POL market in the following countries The United States Canada C Provinces Determine POL and POCT Coverage United Kingdom Germany Italy France Switzerland Japan Australia China India
The overall POL market is instead projected over the next five years to average growth near equal with the overall global IVD market.
In addition, the Opus and Opus Plus System will be offered exclusively by Moore Medical to the POL (physicians' office laboratories) market in a 10-state region including Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and will be sold to the rest of the country on a nonexclusive basis.