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of Utah) provides a textual explication and analysis of the Clean Air Act and other legislative provisions, regulatory requirements, and court decisions comprising air pollution control law, while also providing guidance on methods of compliance and enforcement.
When such a campaign is managed well, a company is then in position to obtain its benefits, frequently in the form of a written offer letter; that may sometimes be finalized with additional negotiations on timing or amount, allowing for a request to extend the pollution control implementation timeline if circumstances warrant.
mad Georgia Power had been compelled by EPA's smog emissions-trading requirements and Atlanta's smog control plan to install pollution control equipment to reduce summertime emissions of nitrogen oxides at Bowen--not to control free particles, but to reduce ozone.
But the state pollution control boards were not collecting data properly, so for two years, the MEF and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB; the entity that oversees the state boards) had no authentic data to provide.
That's one of the solutions,'' said Michael Villegas, the VCAPCD's air pollution control officer.
California Pollution Control Financing Authority (CA) (Desert Properties) variable-rate demand solid waste disposal revenue bonds series 2006B
Companies want to profit from pollution control, so they invest more resources in technology development.
The county Air Pollution Control District found that Pacific Custom Materials, which mines clay for use as roofing tile, among other things, is violating its permit by releasing 1 1/2 times as much sulfur dioxide as standards allow.
Switching to the British mode of pollution control might make an aspect of public affairs more congenial, but it would also slow progress.
Environmental Pollution Control Equipment Markets in China China's demand for environmental pollution control equipment has grown at a fast pace in the past decade.
The pollution control people need to wake up,'' said the home resident, who asked that her name not be used.
Auditing your pollution control system can help reduce cost and liability while meeting federal requirements.

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