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n Latin name:
Phytolacca americana; parts used: fruit, leaves, stems, roots; uses: laxative, emetic, rheumatism, pruritus, upper respiratory ailments, antifungal, antiviral, antitumor; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, ulcers (stomach and duodenal), possible toxicity; known to cause respiratory depression, coma, and death. Also called
cancer jalap, cancer root, changras, coakum, crowberry, garget, pigeonberry, pocon, pokeberry, poke salad, redink plant, redwood, scoke, txiu kub nyug, or
Virginia poke.



pokeweed mitogen (PWM)
see pokeweed mitogen.
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He wrote Polk Salad Annie, such a huge hit for Elvis that most thought it was Presley's own.
Last week, Iain McGown, was the first out of the hat with Elvis Presley's Polk Salad Annie.
THE crowd received Tony Joe White with all the respect due to an elder bluesman, even though he's probably better known for his songwriting- Elvis's Polk Salad Annie andRandy Crawford's Rainy Night In Georgia being prime examples.