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Adam, otologist in Hapsburg Empire, 1835-1920. See: Politzer bag, Politzer method, Politzer luminous cone.
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Good, former Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman of CVS Corporation, Jerald Politzer, former New York State prosecutor, Richard W.
In 1986, French inventor Eugene Politzer registered a patent for a laser razor, built with a helium neon tube.
NEW YORK * As a young woman, Sara Politzer survived the Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps.
Heinz Politzer, author; Michael Mitchell, translator
A Viennese scholar best known for his work on Kafka, Politzer (1910-78) spent his final decade and a half at Berkeley, much of it devoted to Freud and psychoanalytical interpretations of literature.
She also noted that Politzer & HANEY maintains an industry leadership position in offering Web-based solutions to banks, established on the number of financial institutions now in production on its Web Cash Manager product suite.
Politzer & Haney, the industry leader in web-based corporate banking services, announces that First National Bank of Kansas has renewed its partnership with the cash management industry leader, adding key functionality and continuing to offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art products and services to its business banking clients.
Politzer & HANEY, the leading provider of Internet-based cash management solutions, announced today that it has joined forces with NCR Corporation to deliver best-of-breed solutions in Internet-based cash management services.
Politzer & Haney, the industry leader in web-based corporate banking systems, announces today that it has strengthened its focus on the community bank and credit union markets.
In this prospective follow-up investigation, we examined the efficacy of a modified Politzer device in the home treatment of persistent middle ear effusion (MEE) and associated hearing loss in children who had previously participated in a similar clinical trial.
Director Peter Fletcher explained the issues in the lending market and Kim Politzer, director of research, gave an overview of the UK economy and prospects for the property market
LET'S hear it for David Gross, David Politzer and Frank Wilczek, who have just worked out the meaning of life.