public relations

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public relations,

n the art and science of promoting good will within the public by a corporation or governmental agency.
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How this happened is the subject of James Harding's book, Alpha Dogs: The Americans Who Turned Political Spin Into a Global Business.
Two professors have attributed those claims to political spin.
This work will continue, but is not helped by inept political spin which has nothing to do with real attempts to improve the nation's health.
One reason Rachel's is so useful to activists is that it takes scientific issues and gives them a political spin," says Gibbs.
See, newspapers are wonderful because they put a political spin on something.
There's no quick and easy way for concerned citizens to take democracy out of the hands of the political spin masters and public relations experts, but there are ways we can make a start.
Some will try to put a political spin on this statement, seeing criticism of the Clinton administration or a coming conflict with a Republican Congress.
As political spin, third-party funding and pressure surmount, trust and wisdom are expected to be key decision-making factors as GOP delegates cast their votes on May 8th.
Being an avid listener to Prime Minister's Questions, all Cameron's answers are treated with disregard and jovial banter, going into political spin with another question.
A few minutes off the travel time between Holyhead and Cardiff is pure political spin.
It's the scheduling equivalent of those "bury your bad news" emails by political spin doctors on days of major news events.
The fact is this Government relies on ambiguous language and political spin to confuse and mislead the Irish people on a daily basis.