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Bahrain's Human Rights Center announced in a statement recently that the government has deprived nationality of 200 Bahraini people, including independent journalists, political activists and lawyers.
The latter features prevent the reader from understanding the true personality of the scholar and cultural and political activist, as well as his real contribution to various fields of knowledge and social life.
Streisand plays a political activist in this movie and recently was involved in some political activity of her own when she made a speech at an anti- impeachment rally in Los Angeles.
The dissident political activists in Bahrain seek to start a revolution and they lambast the Arab Union and its allies' shameful silence on the continued suppression of the Bahraini nation," Esmayeel al-Alawi told FNA.
The health condition of imprisoned political activist and blogger Ahmed Douma has rapidly deteriorated during his detention, his brother Mohamed said.
A 25-year-old political activist, identified as Aamir was shot dead by unidentified gunmen near Shoe Market, Garden.
Legislative lawyer and political activist, Najla Al-Naqqi, told KUNA that the "reasonable" number of female candidates in the 2012 National Assembly elections has failed to meet her expectation.
An Iranian Kurdish political activist had been condemned to death in a trial that took only a few minutes
The political activist organisations like Friends of the Earth have been allowed to have a free run for far too long in this area of domestic nuclear power generation without virtually any repost from official nuclear power institutions.
Pedagogic Logic provides impressive philosophical documentation from a highly qualified author James Kilgore, credentialed with his civic leader standings, teachers union presidency, and who is an effective social and political activist.
Tactfully co-authored by Ed Asner (award-winning actor and political activist) and Burt Hall, Misuse Of Power is a very strongly recommended read political activists engaged in anti-right wing politics, as well as the non-specialist general reader for its revealing truths and highly informative content.
The measure was authored by political activist Ted Costa, who also first launched the recall campaign against former Gov.

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