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L. S., U.S. researcher, b. 1920. See: Diamond TYM medium.


Diabetes Mondiale. An international epidemiologic study of type 1 diabetes in children conducted from 1990–1999, which assessed 31,000 children in 53 countries
Conclusion The range of global variation in the incidence of childhood type 1 diabetes is larger than previously described and appears to follow ethnic and racial distribution


n a crystalline carbon substance, the hardest natural substance known, used industrially and in dentistry for cutting and grinding.
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Dubai: Dubai's total trade of polished diamonds reached $5.
Rapaport believes that blood diamonds from the Marange fields have been legally exported to the diamond cutting centers with Kimberley Process Certificates, and may now be reaching retailers as polished diamonds.
There will also be a New York Fine Polished Diamond Tender from November 5-8, featuring a broad range of fine cut polished diamonds, including GIA graded diamonds sent in by appraisers on behalf of consumers.
Group activities include publishing, internet information and trading networks, rough and polished diamond trading services, international buying, quality-control and compliance services, shipping and financing services and research and marketing services.
Last year Israel sold close to 40% of its net polished diamond exports of $5.
In addition, it was agreed that AGSL, jointly with Sarin, will conduct a research program to develop an automatic Symmetry grading methodology based on measurements of the polished diamond s properties, as provided by the DiaMension HD.
Summary: Polished diamond market flourishes with volumes traded increasing by more than 150 percent in 2009
Rough diamond prices increased by 25% this year, but polished diamond prices have only gone up by 8%.
While comparable to the prior year periods, fiscal 2004 polished diamond gross margin percentages reflect improved margin on branded products offset by lower gross margin on commercial diamonds.
DDC President Kaufman and Israel Diamond Exchange President Shmuel Schnitzer issued a joint statement saying that by bundling the two bourses' forces for the week, buyers would enjoy access to unprecedented varieties and quantities of polished diamonds on the DDC trading floor.
He added, "We only sell polished diamonds as many customers prefer it over uncut diamonds because of aesthetic value and price difference.
The financial services firm said that it has set up a specialised team to focus on financing manufacturers and traders of rough and polished diamonds.