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The insured; a person who is covered by the insurance policy.
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Porting in health insurance sector is current adopted in many developed countries, where policy holders have the freedom to switch to any other insurer at any time during the tenure of the policy, which is generally a year.
By contrast, although the policy holder is the client of counsel, the policy holder generally has far less control over the actions of counsel.
Courts around the country are split on the representation issues, including a recent ruling from the Montana Supreme Court that insurance lawyers represent only the policy holders, Bianchi said.
An Equitable spokesman said yesterday that details of the compromise could not be finalised until Nicholas Warren QC reported back to the society on whether non-guaranteed annuity rate (GAR) policy holders were entitled to compensation for financial loss they have suffered as a result of the GAR liabilities.
The PEC is preparing three insurance-related proposed advisory opinions (two are advertised in this News for Bar member input) on the relationship between insurance companies, policy holders and attorneys chosen by companies to represent insureds.
Another five life assurance groups may issue free shares to their policy holders and join the stock market.
The form advised the policy holder to communicate his or her concerns and interests to the company to be incorporated in the instructions.
Another policy holder had a hired snowboard stolen from his locker at the hotel.
is planning to increase the sphere of its Niger Flexible Investment Assurance Plan (NIFIAP) to give the policy holders more benefits.
Brilliant and bright," Scott Gilbert was ranked in the first tier of policy holder insurance law practitioners.
com, the nation s first and largest private online health insurance exchange, released results from a survey of short-term health insurance policy holders showing that a majority (52%) purchased short-term plans because they expect to enroll in another form of coverage within one year.
eHealth's Short-Term Health Insurance Policy Holder Survey was conducted online by email invitation in March 2013 and responses from 261 short-term policy holders were collected.

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