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Police informant testimony (including that given by alleged accomplices) presents such a risk of unreliability that some states have already adopted a requirement that it be corroborated by other evidence.
At least two suspects in the trial were police informants before the attacks and their defence lawyers claim the arrests were made under pressure to find a culprit.
Ringleader Chrissie Moloney's attempt to wriggle out of the charges by revealing his work as a police informant could not save him from a 12-year jail sentence.
1) Where there is an apparent agreement between a police informant and a suspect to violate the drug laws, such an agreement will not constitute a conspiracy because the informant is not being sincere.
In Lalitpur, the insurgents killed a person they suspected to be a police informant.
Dubai - A traffic police officer stood trial on Sunday on the charges of soliciting Dh2,000 in bribe from an undercover police informant in return for writing a traffic accident police report without actually inspecting the vehicle on the accident scene.
The 46-year-old unemployed Busaiteen man sold BD25 of hashish to a police informant on March 23 and was subsequently arrested with the money on his person.
punched the drug enforcement officer and resisted arrest during the sting operation to catch him while selling tramadol to a police informant in May.
WORCESTER -- A one-time police informant testified Friday that John Fredette told him he planned to kill Kevin Harkins if Mr.
It was then allegedly used by Cregan's mother Anita, 56, to identify a police informant after a PS50,000 reward was offered for her son.
A Springfield auto dealer was sentenced to 20 years in prison after admitting Tuesday that he had hired a customer - who turned out to be a police informant - to kill a love rival.

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