Pole Dancing

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A sensual form of exotic dancing which is performed around a fixed vertical pole. Pole dancing is a legitimate form of exercise and can be used for aerobic and anaerobic workouts
Injuries Falls, concussions, paralysis
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Leah, who started pole dancing nine years ago, said she was originally attracted by the taboo nature of the classes.
She says awareness and acceptability is spreading - a useful thing given the growing calls for pole dancing to be recognised as an Olympic sport.
Pole dancing is all about the core strength and is known to challenge everything you thought you could do with your body.
It's simply about taking the idea of pole dancing and putting it in the swimming pool," said the 34-year-old personal trainer from Newcastle Emlyn.
The event will be in conjunction with our National Pole Dancing Day, which encourages people to understand what it is about, as quite a lot of people on campus still don't know we exist.
Serious competitors insist that the sport be referred to as "pole fitness" or "vertical fitness" rather than pole dancing, and claim that the discipline has ancient roots in Chinese and Indian acrobatics.
Stella Christodoulou, 32, has been teaching pole dancing in Cyprus for the last three years and now has more than 50 students taking part in regular pole dancing lessons in both Paphos and Limassol at the Theofilos and Stella dance studios.
Masters of pole dancing from all over the world will take part in the competition and the best of them will perform in the final gala show.
Webber, who added that she has been hired to teach strippers, said pole dancing as fitness has been slower to catch on in this area than on the West Coast.
Tim isn't really into learning how to pole dancing himself