Pole Dancing

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A sensual form of exotic dancing which is performed around a fixed vertical pole. Pole dancing is a legitimate form of exercise and can be used for aerobic and anaerobic workouts
Injuries Falls, concussions, paralysis
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Vishal Verma said, "Jacqueline Fernandez looks gorgeous and her pole dance is highlight.
The numbers are increasing gradually, we are now close to the point of offering men's only pole dance lessons," says Sven Welti, male instructor at Pole Fit Dubai.
Lucille runs a number of pole dance classes from her base in Aldridge Road and says the craze has exploded over the last two years.
China has emerged over the last decade as a center for the discipline, but Chinese competitors said they had faced cultural conservatism while chasing their pole dance dreams.
People wanting to learn pole dance should wear comfortable clothes to lessons -- as if attending a gym -- but with tight shorts underneath.
The judges of the championship are the winners of various global and national pole dance competitions - Anna de Carvalho, Saulo Sarmiento, Steven Retchless, each with experience of working as a judge at such competitions in the past.
So before one visit, she learned how to pole dance.
CRICKET WAG Lisa Darcy is hoping to strip away unhealthy habits by teaching Midlanders how to POLE DANCE.
One of the region's leading pole dancing schools, Northern Pole Dance, started out as a small class above a nightclub before its managing director Aimee Lawson saw a niche in the market and opened the first pole dance community approved school in Newcastle city centre in April 2012.
DENISE Welch''s dad has offered to perform a pole dance in drag for her fiance''s stag do.
Montanaro will now represent South America at the Pole Dance World Championships next year in November in Europe.