Poland syndrome

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Po·land syn·drome

(pō'lănd), [MIM*173800]
an anomaly consisting of absence of the pectoralis major and minor muscles, ipsilateral breast hypoplasia, and absence of two to four rib segments.
An autosomal dominant [MIM 173800] condition—which may be a developmental field defect, or sequence—which is characterised by unilateral hypoplasia of skeletal muscle in the shoulder and chest wall, affecting the pectoralis major, serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi, variable hypoplasia of ribs, hand or entire arm, or ipsilateral syndactyly; most cases are de novo mutations

Po·land syn·drome

(pō'lănd sin'drōm)
An anomaly consisting of absence of the pectoralis major and minor muscles, ipsilateral breast hypoplasia, and absence of two to four rib segments.


(Polland), Alfred, English physician, 1820-1872.
Poland anomaly - Synonym(s): Poland syndrome
Poland syndrome - absence of a portion of the pectoralis major muscle and syndactyly. Synonym(s): Poland anomaly
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IN WHAT has been termed a breakthrough surgery, doctors at a hospital in Delhi have used body fat from the thigh to help recreate natural breast of a woman who was diagnosed with a condition called Poland syndrome.
Poland syndrome is a genetic problem that typically appears during a girl's teenage years.
The 23- year- old woman from Indore was diagnosed with Poland syndrome when she reached puberty.
Sam is a great role model for Taekwondo as the 18 year old has Poland Syndrome and showed great indomitable spirit in winning his event.
Congenital conditions that can result in disfigured breasts include Poland syndrome, in which part of one of the major chest muscles is missing, and tuberous breasts, characterized by wide space between the breasts, enlarged areola, very little breast tissue and a high breast fold (bottom crease of breast.
Poland Syndrome Associated with Pernicious Anemia and Gastric Dysplasia Turk J Hematol 2012;29:441-444
Molder swings like nobody else for two good reasons: he was born with no left pectoral muscle which makes that side of his chest concave and he also has Poland Syndrome, a relatively rare defect that made his left hand much smaller than his right.
And within nine months of joining two years ago she had enough to pay for the pounds 6,000 op she so badly wanted after being born with Poland Syndrome, which means her chest wall has not grown properly.
Beadle also had Poland Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which stunted the growth of his right hand.
Syndactyly is a predominant feature of conditions such as Poland syndrome and acrocephalosyndactyly, which comprises five separate syndromes, of which Apert and Chotzen are the most common.
Professor Mark Ravitch has pointed out that Poland syndrome conforms to the pattern that has been established for any condition, disease, operation, or anatomical structure to which an eponym has been attached: the individual thus memorialized was not the first to describe the condition, structure, or operation named after him; he misunderstood or did not understand fully what he described; he has been misinterpreted or misquoted; or all of the above are true.
David suffered from Poland Syndrome while in the womb, a condition where a single blood vessel stops working.