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A gene that may act as a master switch for cancer, and is regarded as central to cancer development. Pokemon stands for POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic factor, most likely a backronym.
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At some time in the Pocket Monsters event, some psychogenic symptoms probably occurred in some individuals.
POKEMON - short for pocket monsters - is the brainchild of Satoshi Tajiri, a Japanese computer whizzkid.
Long before the current craze with Satoshi and Pocket Monsters, Japanese "anime" scored a hit with magic pockets getting boys out of trouble, not with a stable of 151 Red, Blue and Green monsters but with just one blue cat called Doraemon.
They are called Pokemon - which means pocket monsters - and they're coming to Scotland.
The Japanese craze for the animated pocket monsters swept Europe with computer games, collectable cards, cuddly toys and much more.
However, the 150 pocket monsters, which the title is short for, come in plenty of other different formats.
The hit show, Pocket Monsters - based on the latest hi-tech game - gave them spasms, convulsions and caused sickness and fainting.
The youngsters suffered spasms, convulsions, nausea and fainting while watching hit Japanese show Pocket Monsters.
For the first time, there are male and female pocket monsters that can be brought together in the Breeding and Daycare Centre to create an egg.
Christmas brings many things that parents dread - and being forced to sit through the latest from those lovable Japanese pocket monsters the Pokemon is one of them.