pneumatic tube

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pneu·mat·ic tube

(nū-mat'ik tūb)
A unidirectional, continuously operating vacuum system that transfers specimens in plastic carriers from patients to the laboratory.
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It is a virtual form of packaging--an isolation suited to the pneumatic tube.
The pneumatic tube carrier features a stainless steel exterior enclosure with motors positioned at the base of the exterior vertical that allow for easy access, so any service work can be performed from the front of the equipment.
Effect of pneumatic tube delivery system rate and distance on hemolysis of blood specimens.
A Pneumatic tube systems (PTS) have proven to be of great value in providing prompt delivery of laboratory specimens and other materials as part of managing patient care.
Pneumatic tube systems are available to transport clinical specimens drugs radiographs and laboratory reports more rapidly and safely than manual transport by hospital workers.
Mechanically, the system works like this: People in a building or on the street in a certain area deposit waste in various bins, or "inlets," with a reservoir at the bottom that connect to a pneumatic tube.
Pneumatic tubes, instead of store wagons, will deliver packages and bundles.
Many hospitals are using pneumatic tube systems to send blood gas samples to a central area for analysis in an attempt to reduce turn around time and cut costs.
13 January 2012 - US engineered components specialist Leggett & Platt (NYSE:LEG) said it had finalised the takeover of Western Pneumatic Tube Holding, a producer of integral components for critical aircraft systems.
International Resource News-December 21, 2011--Leggett & Platt to acquire Western Pneumatic Tube Holding LLC(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
A Birmingham manufacturer of pneumatic tube systems is reporting a significant sales increase in the last year following support from West Midlands Manufacturing Challenge (WMMC3).
The business provides pneumatic tube systems for retailers to transport cash from the checkout or prescriptions at pharmacies, and is hoping to break into the healthcare sector.