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An intermediate ribosomal filament-associated protein that links vimentin to microtubules, aiding in formation of three-dimensional intracellular lattices of cytoskeletal elements.
[L. plecto, to braid, interweave, + -in]
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Although annexin A10 and plectin 1 IHC are both positive in (>75%) PDACs, they are not used routinely.
Tenders are invited for Supply of FITC Kits FITC C1q,FITC C3,FITC C4d,FITC Fibrinogen,FITC IgA,FITC IgG,FITC IgM,FITC Kappa,FITC Lamda,FITC SV40,FITC Anti CMV,FITC CK14,FITC Laminin 332,FITC Anticollagen type IV,FITC Anticollagen type VII,FITC Rabbit F (ab) 2 antimouse,FITC Antibody against Bullous pemphigoid antigen BPAg2 (type XVII collagen),FITC Antibody against a64 integrin Recombinant Mouse Integrin alpha 6 beta 4,FITC Antibody against Plectin,Tween 20- Washing Soloution (sample to be submitted) H.
Other molecules studied by [150] are plakins, which represent a family of molecules which form the links between filaments, desmosomes, and hemidesmosomes and plectin is a cytolinker of this family.
the membrane protein [beta]-dystroglycan [38, 39] and to several other proteins such as plectin [40], ankyrin [41] and the intermediate filament protein synemin [25].
Analysis of the interactions between BP180, BP230, plectin and the integrin [alpha]6[beta]4 important for hemidesmosome assembly.
Plectin deficiency leads to both muscular dystrophy and pyloric atresia in Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex.
Epidermolizis bullozanin siniflamasi Tip Bul Mutasyon lokalizasyonu EB simpleks Intraepidermal Intraepidermal KRT5, KRT14, (Epidermolitik) Plectin, [alpha]6[beta]4, Plakofilin 1, dezmoplakin "Junctional" Lamina Intra-Lamina Laminin332, EB lucidolitik lusida [alpha]6[beta]4 Integrin, Tip17 kollajen Distrofik EB Dermolitik Sub-lamina Kollajen 7 densa Kindler Miks Miks Kindlin sendromu Tablo 2.
EBS is caused by keratin and plectin mutations, while JEB is caused by mutations of basement membrane proteins, and DEB is caused by mutations of type VII collagen, she explained.
The expression of a cDNA fragment (774 bp) approximately 66% identical to the 3' end of human and rat plectin was potentially increased by 1 nM OP.
For example, BPAG1n/dystonin and plectin both have actin binding domains as well as IF binding domains (for review see Chou et al.
1-49) More recently, 3 additional biomarkers (annexin A10, plectin 1, and aldo-keto reductase family 1, member B10 [AKR1B10]) have been reported as useful markers to differentiate pancreatic DADCs from benign/ reactive pancreatic ducts.