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Greek philosopher, 427-347 B.C.
platonic love - a love in which there is no sexual desire.
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There is much to learn from The Platonian Leviathan even if one admires the author's interpretive pyrotechnics only from a safe distance.
Therefore, we could find a justification of Gregory Palamas' statement that he never read Plato although his work proves a clear presence of the Platonian philosophical terms.
Medieval Jewish philosophers struggled with this problem and attempted, I believe unsuccessfully, to solve it in accordance with their Platonian or Aristotelian preferences.
The relative academic disciplines of anthropology, psychology, philosophy, history, sociology, and biological sciences formulate contemporary gender theory by considering the Aristotelian notion of a gender specific "essential nature" versus the Platonian idea of social and cultural construction: shaped by a combination of "conscious and unconscious" external elements.
2, 3), was a framework of equal resistors interconnected after the topological pattern of Platonian polyhedra, in which each resistor corresponded to a side, and each connection to a corner of the polyhedron.