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Plural of plasmodium.


[plazmō′dē·əm] pl. plasmodia
Etymology: Gk, plasma + eidos, form
a genus of protozoa, several species of which cause malaria, transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito. Plasmodium falciparum causes falciparum malaria, the most severe form of the disease; P. malariae causes quartan malaria; P. ovale causes mild tertian malaria with oval red blood cells; and P. vivax causes common tertian malaria. See also Anopheles, blackwater fever.


Plural of plasmodium.


(plăz-mō′dē-ŭm) plural.plasmodia [LL. plasma, form, mold, + Gr. eidos, form, shape]
1. A multinucleate mass of naked protoplasm, occurring commonly among slime molds.
2. An organism in the genus Plasmodium.
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Recent reports indicate that nonhuman primate plasmodia are the source of zoonotic disease outbreaks among humans in Thailand and Malaysia (8,9).
As a result, the orangutan plasmodia have been considered benign.
Previous studies that relied on parasite morphology found 2 plasmodia in orangutans; P.
vivax/Southeast Asian primate plasmodia group (20-26) and has been studied as the primate counterpart to human P.