Plantago lanceolata

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Plantago lanceolata,

n See plantain.
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A strategy for detecting natural anthelmintic constituents of the grassland species Plantago lanceolata, p.
cinxia uses two host species, Plantago lanceolata (Plantaginaceae) and Veronica spicata (Scrophulariaceae).
Life history characteristics of two ecotypes of Plantago lanceolata L.
pungens 1, Plantago lanceolata 1, Potentilla recta 1, Sanguisorba minor subsp.
Lipotriches australica * weeds (D) and * Verbena bonariensis (L) Lipotriches australica wire mesh fence--probably moved from * Paspalum--see Dec 2006 (above) Lipotriches australica * Plantago lanceolata Lipotriches australica * Paspalum sp.
Plantago lanceolata ydi ei enw gwyddonol, a 'ribwort plantain' ydi'r enw Saesneg.
An ethanolic spissum extract of the aerial parts of Plantago lanceolata L.
They are the plantain Plantago lanceolata, which is common in disturbed habitats and widely dismissed as a weed.
Interspecific competition and niche differentiation between Plantago lanceolata and Anthoxanthum ordoratum in a natural hayfield.
Seed regeneration in a natural population of Plantago lanceolata L.