Planck constant

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Planck con·stant (h),

a constant, 6.6260755 × 10-34 J · s or 6.6260755 × 10-27 erg-seconds = 6.6260755 × 10-34 J Hz-1.
[Max Planck]

Planck con·stant

(h) (plahngk kon'stănt)
A constant, 6.6260755 × 10-34 J · s (joule-seconds) or 6.6260755 × 10-27 erg-seconds = 6.6260755 × 10-34 J Hz-1 (joule per hertz).
[Max Planck]


Max, German physicist and Nobel laureate, 1858-1947.
Planck constant - a natural constant occurring in many physical formulas.
Planck theory - that energy can be emitted, transmitted, and absorbed only in discrete quantities. Synonym(s): quantum theory
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Evaluation of the Planck constant and other fundamental physical constants that are also determined.
The Planck constant then is associated only with the bare charge [absolute value of [e.
The preceding demonstrates that Bohr's introduction of the quantum concept in terms of an ad-hoc Planck constant [4] can be derived from classical electromagnetism and the assumption that the electron interacts with some type of negative-energy vacuum state (the PV in the present case).
The NIST watt balance experiment still requires a great deal of research in many different areas before we will be able to present a complete uncertainty budget and a value for the Planck constant with a lower uncertainty.
Increases of Planck constant by a factor of two are indeed favoured because p-adic lengths scales come in powers of two and because scaling by a factor two are fundamental in quantum TGD.
respectively, where the value of the reduced Planck constant has been used.
The fact that it and the other Planck quantities depend on the reduced Planck constant, which is regarded as being a quantity associated with quantum mechanics, and the speed of light and the universal constant of gravitation, which are associated with relativistic and gravitational phenomena, is something which comes out of human choice not something which occurs naturally.
It is important to emphasize that the diffusion constant is always chosen to be related to Planck constant as follows: 2m||Dk||=||[?
Moreover, our two parameters [alpha], [beta] are intrinsically connected to a complex Planck constant [?
Checking for the existence of different Planck constants provides a novel test of the consistency of quantum mechanics itself.
If they found any differences between these particular measurements of the fine-structure constant, they could attribute them to differences in the value of the Planck constants for various particles.