Placenta Pill

A capsule containing steamed, dried, then pulverised placental tissue, which is claimed to reduce post-partum depression, restore serum iron and B vitamin levels and provide other benefits to mothers of newborns
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Now lots of Liverpool mums are also doing it and believe that there are real benefits to taking placenta pills.
The mother of three took to Instagram to show off her placenta pills and gushed about them and the benefits of consuming them.
modal=true) photo on Instagram that features two dark capsules -- that are her placenta pills.
Washington, December 28 ( ANI ): Despite signs of intelligent life in celebrity land, there were still many examples of the sublimely ridiculous like January Jones taking dried placenta pills and Patsy Palmer rubbing coffee granules on her skin in their effort to stay young and maintain their looks.
However, "Western researchers are highly dubious of whether taking placenta pills or, in the case of some more devoted placentophagists, cooking and eating it as a food, is of any value to humans," the newspaper reported.