Placenta Pill

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A capsule containing steamed, dried, then pulverised placental tissue, which is claimed to reduce post-partum depression, restore serum iron and B vitamin levels and provide other benefits to mothers of newborns
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While the researchers tested the efficiency of placenta encapsulation, its findings didn't support said associated benefits after no significant differences were discovered.
A number of potential benefits have been associated with placenta encapsulation.
With labor and postpartum doula care alongside reiki treatments, specialized massage, essential oils, peer counseling, placenta encapsulation, birth and newborn photography, and classes on everything from childbirth and ayurvedic medicine, to postpartum meal prep, KissaBelly Birth Arts is pulling out all the stops to care for new mothers.
I decided to do a course myself with the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network.
The Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN) offer training to midwives, labour coaches and doulas - who help mothers through pregnancy, birth and beyond - on how to safely make use of the afterbirth.
Local doula, Rhiannon, provides placenta encapsulation for new mum Lorraine.
Lynnea Shief, 28 from Berkhamsted is Director of IPEN, Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network, she says: 'We create smoothies and homeopathic remedies from placentas, but the capsules are the most popular because they use the majority of the flesh from the placenta.
A growing community of new moms are turning to alternative practices, like placenta encapsulation, to help them establish and meet their breastfeeding goals.
Through placenta encapsulation, the baby's placenta is steamed, dehydrated, and pulverized.
I saw something on telly about placenta encapsulation, talking about the benefits.
Placenta encapsulation, which can cost between PS100 and PS200, is the most common way of consuming the placenta, which is believed to aid the recovery of a new mum following birth.