Jean A., French physician, 1848-1927. See: Pitres area, Pitres sign.
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French accounts consist of the ransoming of various prisoners, so much so that there appears to have been a seepage of arms and armory out of the area whereby Charles the Bald was forced to issue the Edict of Pitres of 864 to forbid any further ransom payments in the form of arms.
Manoir Industries will provide spun cast tubes in ManauriteA XM and manifolds in ManauriteA 900, manufactured and tested in its Pitres plant, in France, for this fertilizer complex located in Salas, the center of the Slovak Republic chemical industry.
En 1807, Pitres y Regis describieron casos de angustia social denominandola ereutofobia o miedo a sonrojarse; para 1875, Westphal detallaba el primer caso de agorafobia.
Pitres de Souza, "Desindustriazanao com pleno emprego: que milagre e esse?
Albert Pitres who had been a student of and had co-published with Charcot.
For example, Pitres (1895/1983) stressed the factors of language familiarity and use with respect to language disorders in bilinguals: The language used most before the onset of aphasia will be the most preserved and will be the first to recover, whereas recovery of the other language will occur later.