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An order of sporozoan protozoa (subclass Piroplasmia, class Sporozoea) consisting of the families Habesiidae, Theileriidae, and Dactylosomatidae; includes heteroxenous tick-borne blood parasites of vertebrates with reduced apical complex, lacking spores, and with asexual reproduction by binary fission or schizogony.
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Emerging canine tick-borne diseases in Australia and phylogenetic Studies of the canine piroplasmida.
La Babesiosis bovina, una enfermedad causada por un protozoo intraeritrocitico del orden Piroplasmida, phylum Apicomplexa, genero Babesia, se encuentra ampliamente distribuida en paises tropicales y subtropicales (1-3).
A genus of protozoa of the order Piroplasmida, named for Victor Babes (1854-1926), a Romanian bacteriologist who discovered a parasitic sporozoon in ticks in 1885.