Piper longum

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Piper longum,

n See pepper, long.
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Antiplatelet effects of acidamides isolated from the fruits of Piper longum L.
In HPLC fingerprint analysis of the Piper longum extract reported earlier, the HPLC chromatogram of standard piperine at an optimum wavelength of 345 nm showed a mean area of 7328514.
Piper longum and piperine are also known for their excellent immunomodulating properties (Sunila and Kuttan 2004; Devan et al.
Isolation, identification and antimycobacterial evaluation of piperine from Piper longum.
Quantitative estimation of piperine in Piper nigrum and Piper longum using high performance thin layer chromatography.
Keywords: Antiplatelet activity; Piperlongumine; Piper longum L.
In our previous studies, we isolated four acidamides--piperine, pipernonaline, piperoctadecalidine, and piperlongumine--from the fruits of Piper longum.
Insecticidal and acaricidal activity of pipernonaline and piperoctadecalidine derived from dried fruits of Piper longum L.
Our laboratory has reported earlier that an extract from plants such as Withania somnifera (Davis and Kuttan, 2000), Piper longum (Sunila and Kuttan, 2004), etc.
It has been reported that Piper longum, an immunopotentiating plant, enhances the total bone marrow cells (Sunila and Kuttan, 2004).
Immunomodulatory and antitumour activity of Piper longum Linn.
Preparation of ethanol extract from fruits of Piper longum Linn.