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The University of New Mexico is seeking bids from qualified bidders to purchase miscellaneous surgical disposables inclusive of items found in Exhibit H (Biopsy Endometrial Pipelle /Electrode Loops/ Lonestar Retractors/ Fascia Closure Device/ Rumi Tips) Bid should include all disposable items as well as educational services offered.
The procedure, performed 7-14 days before the planned start of controlled ovarian stimulation, involved introducing the Pipelle suction curette through the cervix and up to the uterine fundus, then applying suction and moving the device around with the aim of covering the entire endometrium.
If the endometrial thickness is >5 mm, it is highly recommended that an endometrial sample be taken, using a Z-sampler, pipelle, etc.
Outpatient endometrial sampling devices, such as the Pipelle endometrial sampler (Unimar, Inc.
The most common method of assessment is via office-based endometrial biopsy, where a Pipelle is introduced into the cervix and endometrial samples are obtained.
Curtin urged physicians to speak with their pathologists about precise findings regarding endometrial biopsies obtained by Pipelle.
Biopsy samples were taken using a Pipelle Endometrial Curette (Unimar, Inc.
Contract awarded for ern warehouse stock - september (aspiration cannulas ear, nasal cannula, pipelle cannula, tracheostomy, yankauer, capsules, histological cassettes) / / ll1
Dekel demonstrated increased IVF implantation rate following endometrial curettage by Pipelle curette as a simple outpatient procedure (96).
2005; 25:32-4) in which pipelle biopsy was performed in postmenopausal women with bleeding.
Alpha atretic follicles (Hunter and Macewicz, 1985b) were identified in biopsy samples taken with a Pipelle de Cornier[R] (Prodimed, Neuilly En Thelle, Picardie, France), a flexible, plastic tube 2.