Pink Witches

A regional term for LSD
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For kids, there's just as much fun, with bat onesies for PS9, pink witches from PS7 and skeleton outfits for PS7.
This year, thousands of staff at TNT depots and contact centres across the UK took part in the charity event, part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and donned pink bras, pink witches hats, t-shirts, ties, wigs, trousers and other crazy outfits as well as hosted dozens of fund-raising events to support the initiative.
You couldn't fail to be impressed by the monstrous Hallowe'en hairdressing saloon - in which the Pink Witches and their assistants offered kids the chance of a scary makeover.
Men with pumpkin heads battled with pink witches in a bid to repaint the resort either orange or pink in time for Hallowe'en.