Pink Test

A modification of the acidified glycerol lysis test for hereditary spherocytosis, in which red cells obtained by heel- or finger-stick are added to a solution of acidic hypotonic glycerol with a slightly lower pH and assessed for hemolysis—which, if present, imparts a pink colour
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Here are the five things we learned from the Pink Test.
Pilot distribution programs for the Octava Pink test are currently underway in Italy and Turkey and are being established in a number of other E.
The Octava Pink test is intended to aid confirmation of true negative mammography results with very high accuracy, while assisting to detect the presence of cancer in many cases where mammography delivers a false negative result and cancer is actually present.
If hCG is present in the sample, a pink test line along with a blue control line will appear.
Every year the New Year Test Match at the SCG gets rebranded as the Pink Test Match to grow awareness and raise money for breast cancer by the McGrath foundation.
Since the inaugural pink Test at the SCG in 2009, the funds raised have been utilized by the Foundation to place specialist breast cancer nurses in communities right across Australia and to augment breast cancer awareness among young women.
To have a pink Test at Lord's would be an amazing event.
Launching the McGrath Foundation's Pink Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground today, the 41-year-old said the Australian team was well on the way to reasserting themselves at the top of Test cricket.
According to Sport24, as an acknowledgment of the success of the Sydney Pink Test, now into its fourth year, Day 3 of the Wanderers Test will see venue, players and fans demonstrate their support for the cause by bathing the match in pink.
Hurley is a global advocate of breast cancer awareness and is keen to promote the Pink Test, which supports the Jane McGrath Foundation.
It showed three pink tests with two lines, which means pregnant.