ping-pong mechanism

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ping-pong mech·a·nism

a special multisubstrate reaction in which, for a two-substrate, two-product (that is, bi-bi) system, an enzyme reacts with one substrate to form a product and a modified enzyme, the latter then reacting with a second substrate to form a second, final product, and regenerating the original enzyme. An example of such a mechanism is found in the aminotransferases. More complex ping-pong mechanisms exist for enzymes having more than two substrates.
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True ping-pong offers a chance to arrive at these things without forcing us to abandon our language--because our language and ping-pong overlap.
TOM: Now, if you park your car in the garage, a certain number of those ping-pong balls will be in contact with your windshield, right?
We've teamed up with Sports Book of the Month and have a copy of Ping-Pong Diplomacy to give away.
Just when we think we can't take any more about the wonder-working properties of a 40mm plastic ball we are asked to take seriously the proposition that by putting Moscow on the defensive ping-pong diplomacy may have helped bring down the Soviet Union.
Spin Dubai is now open in Wafi, offering Ping-Pong tables, a bar and international cuisine as well as shisha on the terrace.
He said: "I have never played Andy at ping-pong but I need to challenge him at go-karting.
He would have no incentive to ping-pong it but his team mates would have to devise a strategy to get back and help him "set it up" and attack through either a ruck or maul (a rolling maul "Pooler of old" style) or through the ends and patiently go through the phases until in the opposition half when good punting and chipping would be acceptable.
Table-tennis fanatic Tilson (above) needed a way to fire up his underachievers - and found it on the training ground ping-pong table.
As a youth, Daytona was a ping-pong prodigy, reaching the 1988 Olympics medal round against Karl Wolfschtagg (Thomas Lennon), an East German with a bad attitude and a questionable leotard.
No thriller, instead outdoor ping-pong and this went on until after 9.
The only way to get close to the archfiend is to infiltrate the highly-charged ping-pong tournament that Feng organises every year in his secret jungle lair.
Ping-Pong tournament Saturday witnessed the rap up of the Ping-Pong Tournament, where al-Jazeera Club won the title with 10 points followed by Amman Center who shared second place with Orthodox on 9 points.