piezoelectric transducer

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pi·e·zo·e·lec·tric trans·duc·er

a transducer that converts electric into mechanical energy and the reverse, used in ultrasound diagnosis or therapy.
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A piezoelectric transducer circuit is shown to demonstrate the process better.
In addition, the equivalent circuit of the piezoelectric transducer works as a low-pass filter which introduces a phase shift in its output.
Therefore, piezoelectric transducers have been used to do these tasks, like for example, in some cutting processes where the dynamic forces are needed to study the machinability of the material, the formation of the chip, chatter and wear of the tool [9].
A microwave impedance matching network has been designed and constructed for connecting an acoustic piezoelectric transducer to a 50 [OMEGA] transmission line.
For the device, a "Johnson Matthey" M1100 type tri-morph piezoelectric transducer has been used, whose natural frequency response with the application of a 2 proof mass can be adjusted from 203 Hz (0 g proof mass) to 91 Hz (1.
In order to determine the resonance frequency of the designed piezoelectric transducer, an impedance analyzer Wayne Kerr 6520 A (Fig.
The electrical signals obtained from the piezoelectric transducer (1) (Fig.
LRGWUT systems utilize single or multiple circumferential probe rings of either electromagnetic or piezoelectric transducer configurations.
Ring-shaped piezoelectric transducer is composed of two groups of control electrodes, with one group inducing rotation of the rotor, while the other initiates motion of opposite direction under operational regime voltage supply.
In HIFU equipment used for medical treatment and procedures, the ADA4870 provides wide bandwidth (52 MHz) and high slew rate to facilitate the high-voltage pulses necessary to drive the piezoelectric transducer, increasing accuracy and replacing large, costly discrete solutions.