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William, British general practitioner, researcher in transmission of infections in isolated communities, 1885-1969. See: Pickles chart.
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And Pickles makes a low bow and says, "With pleasure, madam," and it is written down in a book.
The customers come again and again, and buy quantities, in spite of being afraid of Ginger and Pickles.
As there was always no money, Ginger and Pickles were obliged to eat their own goods.
1st there was still no money, and Pickles was unable to buy a dog licence.
It is very unpleasant, I am afraid of the police," said Pickles.
I have tried in vain to get a licence upon credit at the Post Office;" said Pickles.
This is the last straw," said Pickles, "let us close the shop.
Pickles and similarly preserved foods are as integral to Khmer food as prahok, vendors said, but the back story, and the reasons for their popularity, remained unclear.
She started simply with pickles and a couple of jams.
Pickles stored in wooden barrels were prized for their flavor and their texture.
Australia's Pickles Auctions is going to showcase over 1,500 industrial items available weekly across the country, including trucks, earthmoving and mobile plant and machinery.
IT seems only fair that shortly after Bobby Moore lifted the World Cup at Wembley, Pickles the dog was being held up by the England captain in front of a cheering crowd.