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For an early use of the term "creation care" and the presence of physical death in the Garden of Eden, see Ron Elsdon, Bent World: A Christian Response to the Environmental Crisis (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1981), 104.
The last sound of the mantra, "ma" is related to Shiva, the one who dissolves, or withdraws from common reality; in other words, the one who presides over physical death.
Not even the appearance of the Logos as human, I would suggest, but rather the ascription of actual physical death and resurrection to the Logos was the point at which non-Christian Jews would have begun to part company theologically with those Christians--not all, of course--who held such doctrines.
Ionesco draws a kind of distinction between physical death and death of the personality.
NOT physical death, but the death of something noble within us while we live - that's the supreme tragedy of life.
Although the loss of her brother was obviously a great shock and acutely upsetting, Ms Harris now knows that there is a life after physical death and that her brother lives on in a beautiful place
Peter suggested that he could be a guy who was silently shouldering his own burden of loss, so that spiritually and emotionally he was dead while the girl was near physical death.
presents the most complete survey to date of the evidence, both historical and contemporary, for survival of physical death.
The community had to be constantly reminded that Jesus' resurrection meant new life for all of humanity; even physical death would never have the last word.
Hugo van der Goes' Fall of Man-Lamentation Diptych in Vienna juxtaposes the sinfulness of Adam and Eve with Christ's physical death as a means to redemption.
The paper discusses this goal in relation to the goals of Transformational Healing through Heart-Centered therapies, namely (1) acceptance of oneself; (2) the "death of the ego"; and (3) preparation for a conscious and enlightened physical death through self-actualized full participation in life.